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Jun, 2019

2019 Summer Soccer Rules

  1. Waiting List starts Saturday, June 15th

  2. Rosters are locked after July 2nd

  3. Make-Up Games on Thursdays

  4. If under 7 players, forfeit, and pickup players. 

  5. Games at 7, 8, and 9 pm.  Two 25 min halves

  6. Games ending in tie - each team will take 3 PK’s.  After that, a tie is a tie

  7. Substitutions at the midfield line at any dead ball

  8. Number of Players: 10v10 if enough available, if not 9-9.  Minimum 7 players as set forth below:

Teams must have a minimum of seven (7) players to begin, continue and conclude a match. The official will start the game clock as scheduled, but provide teams with fewer than seven (7) players, a ten (10) minute grace period to produce the minimum required seven (7) players before a forfeit is awarded to the opposing team.

  1. Equipment:

a. Molded cleats, turf shoes and flats (including black-soled) are acceptable footwear. Metal studs cleats are prohibited.

b. All players should wear shin guards.

c. Teams are required to wear the provided jersey

  1. Duration of Play:

    Half                                        Halftime

    2x25 minutes                     5 minutes


    If a referee terminates a game because of weather conditions, it will be considered a

    complete game if the first half has been completed. The score will be final as it stands

    at the time the game is terminated. If the game is terminated prior to or during the

    first half, the score will revert to 0 - 0, and the game will be reschedule for Thursday of the same week.

  3. No offsides.

  4. Injuries: Any player who is bleeding must leave the field. Time will not be stopped for injuries.

  5. Free Kicks:

  1. All free kicks will be direct.  Opposing players must give Ten Yards on all kicks

  1. Misconduct Rules:

    a. YELLOW: A warning caution, no time penalty for this offense. Two Yellow cards will result in dismissal from the game, but not the next game.

    b. Red: Ejection without replacement for the duration of match. The offender must leave the playing area (which includes the player’s bench) and sit out the team’s next match.

  2. The FFSC has a “Zero Tolerance Policy” towards fighting and use of foul language. Any player engaged in fighting or use of foul language will be suspended for the remainder of the season without refund and may warrant exclusion from future sessions.

  3. Tournament Point System: Win=3 Tie=1 Loss=0 THEN Head to Head THEN coin toss

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